Compared to what?

Help for the Hero

Many people, perhaps even the majority of people suffer emotionally with issues.  If you aren’t mindful of keeping a healthy balance in your life it’s easy to fall into a depressed state.  It’s certainly a conscious effort on my part to focus on positive thoughts and things around me, plus I work with my therapist, Scott Gilliam, on those sticky issues that pull me down, or hold me back from a peaceful mind, healthy life and moving forward towards my personal goals.

Scott just wrote a short article on dealing with the tendency to place a burden on yourself with needing to be or become a hero and win the battle of life.   If this sounds like a burden that chains you and pulls you down, his article might supply the bolt cutter you’ve been looking for.  Here’s an excerpt..

“…When the Ego literalizes the Hero it can be our greatest downfall, for it is not our weaknesses or inadequacies that harm us or create obstacles on our path, but the way the ego covers them up.  In fact, our wounds and inadequacies are places of deep wisdom and insight, allies on the path of the Self. The Ego often feels it must be strong and go it alone, but the Hero’s quest always includes allies on the way, welcome aid that comes in the most surprising ways. The Hero never goes it alone but enlists companions on the journey…” (read more)

The Jazz cure

For my music lovers, this week I  could not resist sharing an awesome jazz piece from Les McCann and Eddie Harris.  Music is not only for enjoyment and entertainment, but it has always been my healing drug for many life challenges.  This tune I originally heard when I was around 12 years old, and let me tell you it made a lasting impression on me. In fact it was probably more advanced, concept-wise, for a 12 year old, but I reflected quite deeply on the words to this song at that age.   It was the early 1970’s and the country and the world was much like it is today… racial unrest in the urban areas, war, poverty, inequality in many areas.  It just goes around and around.  Listen to the lyrics of “Compared to What” and tell me in the comments below if this song isn’t just as relative today as it was in 1969. Plus, these cats can jam!

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