Rise Today

I just asked myself, not out loud but in my brain, what the heck is wrong with me?! I reach out to “friends” in their time of need and what do I get… whinny excuses and rejection.  Yet I felt compelled to rise and change this world for one person.

This here little blog I decided to start, was with the intention  to share and possibly inspire you with my thoughts, ideas, experiences and fun, but it becomes evident that only a few may “get it.”  That’s fine, I can’t inspire or influence everyone I know. Obviously. So it’s been challenging when I do get an opportunity and strong urge to assist a friend who is desperately reaching out for help, compassion and love, but they reject everything offered to them. It’s heartbreaking because it makes me feel powerless and not loved in return, but that’s my problem. Trust me… I’ll get over that.

Perhaps this attitude appears cold or judgmental, or even arrogant. Nope. It’s about allowing. Allowing my sad friend to be who they are and hope that they find the right inspiration that will pick them up. Allowing myself to offer help and be glad I am able to offer it, but try not to take it personally if my friend(s) reject it.

Laughing, feeling happy and alive is what I strive for and I receive inspiration from expected and unexpected places. Of course I also get angry and feel depressed at times, but the fact that I cannot make the damn Americana Music Association recognize Jazz as REAL American Music is not going to ruin my day.  (Letting go is difficult)

Rant over, lets move on… Though this isn’t jazz, it is inspirational and I enjoy  including some music for all of you music lovers.  Yes, this is also American music that was performed live in Amsterdam… Here is Alter Bridge, Rise Today – get ready to ROCK and change this world…

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