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My Mental Love Journey

Two years ago I visited my primary care doctor for a check up and she asked me how I was feeling, in general.  I told her that I noticed feeling depressed often.  She asked if I wanted her to prescribe anti-depression medication for me, but I declined.  I was already taking various prescriptions for blood pressure, etc., etc. so I didn’t want another pill, nor the frightening side affects that are advertised on TV for those “happy” pills. So my doctor then urged me to find a therapist, certainly my health insurance would cover the appointments.

About a month after that appointment, I was laid-off my cool job at Disney, which pushed me into more depression and panic, but my saving moment came when I was looking over the packet that was given to me by HR and I found a flyer that said mental health services would be available to me at no charge for 10 weeks and it gave instructions on how to sign-up and find a therapist to work with.

I took this opportunity seriously because I wanted the 10 weeks to be productive and life changing.  It was important for me to find a therapist that was not strictly “by-the-book” in psychology, a professional that is aware there is a huge spectrum of methods and practices that can be utilized together achieving mental and emotional well being. I’ve been fortunate to find a true life-coach with my therapist, Scott Gilliam.  And he was the first therapist listed on the site of available therapists close to me – how lucky was that?!  But what caught my eye was that he called himself a “soultender.”

I had another visit with my primary doctor about two months after I was laid off and she was very happy that my health had improved since my previous visit.  She asked me what I was doing differently because all tests showed improvement, and I replied, “Well I was laid off from Disney, but I have a great therapist.”  She was at first shocked at the news about losing my job, but immediately told me to continue with therapy for as long as I can.  She said usually patients that have had such a negative event like losing a job, their heath suffers, so  it must be the mental well-being that is affecting my physical improvement.

It’s nearly two years and I still have appointments with Scott, even though I have evolved tremendously through his help, I like to keep working on issues that come up for me and discuss them in a safe, open and productive way with him.  Scott always has tools (advice and actions) that he gives me to deal with life’s ups and downs.

If you are experiencing any difficulties that might be holding you back from a happy life and healthy body, the you might consider therapy.  It could change your life for the better 🙂


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