The Danger of Taking Life too Seriously

June 24, 2014

Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love  featured this article on handling criticism.

One things for sure – when you put yourself out there, not everyone is going to be ok with it.

I’ve been called all kinds of things: too old school, too young, a bad spellar, not educated enough, too ego driven, too in my head, not heart centered enough, all about making money and not helping people – the list goes on and on.

And at this point, I’m used to it. And the ratio of people who say such things to people who really enjoy what we have to offer here at Daily Love is very small.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

When I first started Daily Love, it was such an epic thing for someone to write in an criticize me or call me a name. I took it so personal.

But as it happened more and more, I got desensitized to it – because now I know it just comes with the territory.

I thought I had heard it all, until yesterday.

Yesterday I got an email from a Daily Lover that took the cake. It wasn’t about my political views, or my views on masculine or feminine energy – it wasn’t even about a typo.

Yesterday I was criticized for my love of Disneyland.

Yup – you heard that right, now even Disney is immune from the hater vibe.

Here’s the email in full:

“Hi there,I really love and appreciate these mails. But disneyland..really. …with all the gmo food, fake and plastic…children are amazing and they can see the wonder of life in nature and many places were adults forget to look.for my daughter the garden is a magical place and she talks to the ferries which is wonderful as i can give hard earned money rather to animal sanctuaries than to big corporations that brainwash children . do we know the difference and have we ever been to disneyland..yes.

much love,

<name redacted>”

There’s so much to say about this – but what I can really say to you is that here’s the lesson: shine on. People aren’t going to always like it, but that’s not why you shine.

You shine because you have to.
You shine because it’s your purpose.

You don’t shine for approval, you shine because it’s in your nature.

You see, I had written a dedicated email to the Daily Love family on Sunday about my excitement of going to Disneyland this past weekend.

I love being around children seeing life through their eyes. It’s like a direct connection back to my own heart.

Jesus says that it’s all about thinking like a child. Disneyland helps to bring out my inner child.

I think that the danger of the spiritual path is that we can lose that. We can get tight, tense and take life too seriously.
There are major problems in the world.

But we can’t lose our childlike nature.

And beyond that, as someone who speaks up daily and wants to encourage you to do the same – if Disneyland isn’t safe – no topic is.

Let’s use that knowledge to know that we should speak up anyways.

And to answer your question dear reader, when you said, “Disneyland, really..”

My answer is, “Yes, Disneyland! Let’s go! I’ll meet you there.”

In the comments let me know how you are going to speak up today.

Lots of LOVE,


P.S. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

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