Wave the Flag, It Sounds Like New Jersey

USA Flag

June 14 is Flag Day. 

Not many people remember it but when I go out I usually see a few homes that display the flag.  I also have a reminder when Flag Day comes around.  A good friend’s birthday is June 14 and she told me years ago  when she was a kid she thought people put the flag up because it was her birthday.  I thought that was a nice reason and cool thought to have if your birthday is June 14.  So Happy Birthday to all celebrating today. Let’s raise the flag and celebrate with “Old Glory.”

 Sounds like New Jersey…

I always celebrate things with music whether its a holiday or just being happy.  Though I was born in Los Angeles, like my father was, my family has ties to New Jersey from a time after WW2 when the Garden State was welcoming to Japanese Americans who had just been released from internment camps in the USA (Land of Freedom) due to just being of Japanese heritage.  Okay, not going to get into that right now, but  I still have relatives that live in New Jersey so I wanted to share this great video montage of talented artists that were born in the Garden State.  Enjoy!


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