If it wasn’t challenging enough to go through three months of Mars retrograde (March 1 to May 19) Mercury Retrograde has just begun and is usually a big pain in yours and my ass.  If you are unfamiliar with Merc Retro just a brief description of the affects are: communications and devices that facilitate communication can go awry or are misunderstood, travel plans can be delayed or you may encounter more traffic jams (in LA this is imperceptible), electronic devices and vehicles can suddenly have unexplained problems and it’s not the best time to enter into legal agreements or begin new projects.  However, you can’t put your life on hold until Merc goes direct again especially since this phenomenon happens 3 times a year, so you learn to deal with it and being aware is a good way to lessen the stress that can come with Mercury Retro. Plus, when things F-up you can just blame it on Mercury Retrograde or MR.   There are also positive aspects of the next 3 weeks and the best person  to give us a positive perspective on MR is Jonathan Cainer…

Jonathan Cainer Astrology
Jonathan Cainer Astrology

By Jonathan Cainer

A retrograde Mercury heralds a time of reflection and review, during which many of us tend to do better if we focus on the past (and what we can learn from it) rather than on the future (and what we can gain from it.) It’s true that sometimes, under a retrograde Mercury, we have little choice but to slow down as processes get delayed and communications become confused; but this week, as Mercury slips back into the sign it left late last month, we will also gain an advantage from revisiting deals that we thought were done and dusted.

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