In Honor of Year of the Monkey – New Year Thoughts and Wishes

…Maybe it is dreaminess that shoves us boldly to list resolutions that are ambitious. There is nothing wrong with ambition and the inspiration that drives it. And if you want another chance to make resolutions and change ambitions you can go for February 8, Chinese (Asian) New Year of the Monkey! … Continue reading In Honor of Year of the Monkey – New Year Thoughts and Wishes

New Year Thoughts and Wishes

Apprehension and disappointment are common and creeps in with the commitment and formal resolve to “keep” New Year’s resolutions. Eventually circumstances beyond our control occur or do not occur in the days ahead. How does a person deal with that? One helpful way to keep going in the face of challenges is to keep changing. Viewing every day as a New Year’s day – although that means every night could be a New Year’s Eve, but perhaps we should not get wasted and party till dawn too often – but if we do start anew every day we can change directions, start a new resolution or just keep going the way we have. This is a way to reduce the number of regrets we can accumulate that weight us down emotionally and intellectually. Continue reading New Year Thoughts and Wishes

Don Randi Interview

Originally posted on Cue Castanets!:
One of the great things about keeping this blog is that I get the chance to discuss the Wall of Sound and Phil Spector with key people who have interesting insights. If you do a search for ‘interview’ via the search function on here, you’ll find quite a few I’ve done so far. I really enjoy doing these as I tend to learn something new each time – and I hope you readers out there appreciate the interviews as well. No matter what, I’m sure you’ll dig the following one with none other than pianist… Continue reading Don Randi Interview

You’ve Heard These Hands

Originally posted on Cue Castanets!:
Now if that’s not a cool title for a book I don’t know what is! Turns out iconic Wrecking Crew pianist Don Randi is issuing a memoir, come September. I only just learned about this today and was pleasantly surprised. Don behind the piano during a session, second from left. Maybe it’s all the well-deserved hype sorrounding Denny Tedesco’s Wrecking Crew documentary that we can thank for cool stuff like Don’s book coming out? It’s definately about time the Wrecking Crew and its assorted members got their due respect. Besides Don’s upcoming book we of course… Continue reading You’ve Heard These Hands