Review: You’ve Heard these Hands

Here is a very thoughtful and honest review of Don Randi’s and my book, You’ve Heard These Hands.

Thank you Martin!

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Cue Castanets!

You may already have read my lengthy interview with legendary Wrecking Crew pianist Don Randi which was published here a while ago, – if not, click the link below to learn about Don’s time in the studio with Spector and read some of his great stories about the 60s LA studio scene.

The interview came about because I learned Don had a book coming out, the aptly titled ‘You Heard These Hands’ detailing his many musical adventures. As I recently got my own hands on Don’s book, I thought a review would make for a nice follow-up to the interesting interview Don was kind enough to do for Cue Castanets.

Review: You’ve Heard these Hands

****½ (4½ stars out of 6)

I was really looking forward to this book and sure enough, once I picked it up it was hard to put down again. ‘You’ve Heard these Hands’ turned…

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