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Friday night a Barbara Walters Special aired on ABC. She interviewed Peter Roger, father of Elliot Roger the young man who murdered several UC Santa Barbara students and himself.  The program was difficult  to watch because it made me feel terrible that this person could be on a path to a happier life, instead of taking the lives of innocent people and himself. If only he had some help from a “soul tending” professional.   Yes, Elliot did have a therapist, but it seemed from what his father said in the interview, Elliot didn’t form a close connection with them.

Of course I realize that the program does not give me enough information to make an assessment of Elliot’s problems, but the program does show me it’s important that I continue to expand my knowledge and seek answers and help for issues and conflicts that come up in my life.

In my Mental Love section I have added a Soultender page where Scott Gilliam (therapist) will contribute articles on life enhancement and emotional development.  He’s an experienced “soul tending” therapist and wrote a great short article  of what psychotherapy can be and mean for anyone who could use some mental love in their life.  Scott works with me as my therapist and life coach.

The Daily Love added a GREAT new vid on “empowering meanings.” I’ve shared it here on my Daily Love section. Check it out!

Bobby Womack  – Tribute to his Soul

This week Bobby Womack passed away and Time magazine posted an article and tribute about his life  which I won’t even attempt to re-write here.  Check it out.

Here’s some music of Bobby’s to enjoy (from Soul Train), in his honor…

Love Innovation!

This blew my mind… I found a post on a group page on Facebook (thanks to Ray Docherty) about bootleg records being pressed on to discarded x-rays.  In the ’40s and 50’s in Russia, American music was banned there, but music lovers prevailed! Click the x-ray record to see the article…

St Louis Blues  xray record
St Louis Blues xray record


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