The Making of Auld Lang Syne

Dreams of Affirmative Visions
January 16, 2017

My cousin sent a group email to our family wishing everyone a happy new year and she included the meaning of auld lang syne – times gone by.  It’s 2017 and January 1 is already in the category of auld lang syne, but it is still a new year.  For myself, I’ve committed to improvements in character and habits, making strides forward on projects, tasks, and responsibilities that by the end of 2017 I can look back at auld lang syne (times gone by) and smile, feel accomplished and proud.

Like thousands of people, I’m looking for a “new” job.  It may be an important position doing what I already have vast experience doing and making a hefty salary, or it could be something great and new that I have never done before.  What I want is to support myself grandly writing and editing books and articles, stories, blog posts, even tweets that someone or company will pay me to produce.  Let me create and produce TV shows, films, events and other types of entertaining, provocative and affirming content that audiences enjoy and will relate to on a very deep level, that also generates an income enough to continue creating and producing what my heart desires.

My heart also desires to be at inner and outer peace with the world.  The world which seems like chaos at times for the uncertainties of what is to come in the times ahead and for the destructive and disruptive situations and events in the time right now, internationally and in the United States where I live.  All will be auld lang syne at the end of 2017 but with an aim to see that order upends chaos. My mantra for living my life in a way to effect this change is, “When they go low, we go high,” a quote from Michelle Obama.

So on this great national holiday, Martin Luther King Day, I have a dream that his and my vision for a peaceful, prosperous, joyful and healthy life of honor is what we’ll have in 2017 as time goes by. Stay up in spirit, in mind and body so we can transform the world in an affirmative way.

when they go low we go high
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